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First-Class Mail®, Letter, weight 0 lb 1.9 oz (0.054 kg), mailed on December 20 after 8:00 AM
from MIAMI FL 33133 to OGDEN UT 84201
Make smart choices with Extra Services
CategoryExtra ServicesPriceOnline Price
Proof of Deposit
More info about Certificate of Mailing
$1.30 Not available
Protection in Transit
More info about Insurance
From $2.10 Not available
More info about Registered Mail™
From $11.95 Not available
Confirmation of Delivery
More info about Certified Mail®
$3.30 Not available
Other Extra Services
More info about Collect on Delivery
From $6.95 Not available
First-Class Mail® Stamped Letter $0.70 Not available
Your Total $0.70 Not available
Customs Form
No Form Needed
The surface area of the address side of the item to be mailed must be large enough to contain completely the applicable customs form, postage, and any applicable markings, endorsements, and extra service labels.

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