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Priority Mail 3-Day™, Large Package, weight 70 lb 0 oz (31.752 kg), mailed on December 22 after 8:00 AM
from PHILADELPHIA PA 19154 to CATANO PR 00962
Mailing SummaryPriceOnline Price
Priority Mail 3-Day™ $106.85 $91.76
Registered Mail™ (Full Value of Article $499.00) $14.75 Not available
Total $121.60 $91.76
Expected Delivery Day from PHILADELPHIA PA 19154 to CATANO PR 00962 (Zone 7) is Fri, Dec 26.
The timeliness of service to or from destinations outside the contiguous US may be affected by the limited availability of transportation.
Mark the package "Priority Mail" in the postage area.
For security reasons, all mail paid with postage stamps weighing over 13 ounces must be presented to an employee at a Post Office retail service counter. Senders are not allowed to deposit this mail in collection boxes or other unattended locations.
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Customs Form
No Form Needed
The surface area of the address side of the item to be mailed must be large enough to contain completely the applicable customs form, postage, and any applicable markings, endorsements, and extra service labels.

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